welcome to the world of the pied-à-terre, where the amenities of a 5-star hotel meet all the trappings of an apartment tailored to your well-being. in my experience, the best pied-à-terre unites convenience and indulgence in a way that puts you instantly at peace. once your pied-à-terre is ready, simply arrive and immerse yourself in the experience…

01. transitional luxury on the upper west side

with their primary residence just across the hudson river, this couple found themselves frequently venturing into the city and seeking refuge in chic hotels. yet, endless check-ins and a lack of personalization left them yearning for something more — a sanctuary they could call their own. now, their personalized pied-à-terre is the epitome of luxury and flexible travel…

their wish list was clear: a haven reminiscent of a 5-star hotel, a fully-equipped kitchenette for crafting both morning coffee and evening cocktails, and — my personal favorite — a lavish nook for savoring these libations. now, our clients can enjoy unwinding in comfort after the latest broadway show or opera performance at the met. what could be better?

02. serene & contemporary retreat in midtown west

with a packed work schedule, demanding office hours, and a thriving social calendar, our client grew weary of his commute between the city and the suburbs. he acquired a remarkable 64th-floor pied-à-terre and set us to work on a design that would bridge comfort, sensibility, and ease.

here, finely crafted details, soothing aesthetics, and a breathtaking panoramic view create an atmosphere of unrivaled sophistication. for any work he might bring home with him, we designed an idyllic spot with a curved desk customized to fit flush with the floor-to-ceiling window. furnishings are clean-lined, exquisitely crafted, and in a soothing palette.

opposite the living area, we designed a contemporary-style kitchen and fully stocked it with dishware, stemware, and most importantly, an elegant liquor shelf for this discerning whisky aficionado. (i couldn’t resist!) to add a personal touch, we also displayed art and sculptures collected from his worldly travels. the result is simple, sumptuous, and serene.

03. modern elegance with an industrial twist in tribeca

hotel lobbies have a time and place, but are less appreciated after a red-eye flight or a long day at the office. when this esteemed professional decided he was done with the hotel lifestyle, he hired us to create a private oasis that would promote relaxation for himself and his adult children.

in the entryway and living room, we played with textured wallpaper, warm gray tones, modern furnishings, and restrained touches of industrial style to reflect the neighborhood’s heritage. art from his travels grace the walls, bringing a sense of vibrancy and life to these spaces.

the kitchen feels modern and luxe — and yes, we fully stocked it for him, too. modern lighting, marble counters, comfortable bar stools, and sleek white oak cabinets make his hotel days a distant memory. and, for those cherished moments of unwinding and indulgence, a thoughtfully curated bar cart beckons, ready to satisfy the senses.

this pied-à-terre also received some attention in its sleeping quarters. we plied the bedroom and ensuite with plush textiles, indulgent bath products, and pops of color for interest. we also built custom bench seating for soaking up the view with a book or coffee in hand.

show up with your suitcase & enjoy

the best part about hiring a designer to craft your perfect pied-à-terre is that you’re already investing in convenience — before your retreat is even finished. you don’t have to babysit your property from afar. you don’t have to navigate building codes. you don’t even have to “move in” in the traditional sense.

we manage everything for you, from the design to the execution. we even go the extra mile, stocking the home with every convenience you love but nothing you don’t need. simply show up with your suitcase and your toothbrush and enjoy the pied-à-terre experience.

when you’re ready, you know where to find us.

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