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a couple weeks ago while flipping channels on the tv because nothing *good* was on, my husband and i stumbled upon “i’ll have what phil’s having” and down the rabbit hole we went! have you seen this show yet? no?? go, watch it now!!….i’ll wait!

anywho……the episode that we happened to catch that fateful night was when phil was in paris. oooooh la la! everything looked so yummy! not to mention all of the tasty scenery they were showing! needless to say, after realizing it had been a couple years since our last visit, we were craving what phil was having – both the edible and the visual – which lead us to a quick internet search for plane tickets. next thing we knew…..voilà!

paris, here we come!

in prepping for our upcoming trip i fell down yet another rabbit hole while researching beautifully designed parisian haunts. what i found was breath taking! welcome to the world of joseph dirand!

oh! my! goodness……!

the quintessential view from monsieur blue - a stunning restuarant designed by joseph dirand
view of the main dining area at monsieur bleu
oy! details, upon details, upon details! i'm swooning over that fireplace surround!!

and for another gorgeous place to nibble some delicious bites……

view of the main dining area at le flandrin - designed by joseph dirand

so, after i cleaned the drool off of the side of my chin from looking at the sumptuous restaurants mr. dirand has created, i continued my downward rabbit hole spiral by investigating his residential design projects…..his works really do need to come with a warning label because i thought my heart was going to stop.

too! stunning! for! words!

just look at some of the flawless interiors this brilliant man has produced… enjoy!

his attention to detail, use of space, material selection and furniture silhouettes is incredible. it’s just so clean, detailed and thought out. i’ve honestly run out of adjectives to express my love of his work!

simply put, joseph dirand architecture creates chic and sophisticated spaces that allows simple objects to become the focal point and creates visual moments to let *special* items really shine!

i’m coming for you, paris, and i can’t wait to experience all your inspiring attributes up close and in person!

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