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do i apologize to you right out of the gate or do i ask you for a little indulgence for yet another post about french interiors? or, do we collectively open a bottle of bubbly and cheers the beautifully chic works of gilles & boissier? oh good, you’re up for some champagne as well? fantastic, let’s get started and explore some seriously enviable interior eye candy!

according to their website, this apartment was completed in 2007… in 10 years ago(!) and it still reads as chic and as timeless today. did you notice the ceiling detail? so clean, so simple, yet adds so much drama and character!

gorgeous shades of white and grey? you had me at hello!

the clean architectural elements of this apartment allow for the simple furniture shapes – some with subtle curves – and the sumptuous textures of the materials to really shine through. did you notice the fireplace surround? stunningly uncomplicated.

the otherwise squareness of all of the shapes in this space are cut with the clever curved corners of the back of these dining chair.

if the above apartment is decidedly more contemporary with it’s minimalist architectural backdrop, this next apartment is the polar opposite! i’d like to believe that all of the intricately ornate applied carvings on the doors, crown molding and ceiling were done by artisans during the baroque period and this lucky homeowner is now the beneficiary of their craftsmanship.

note how this apartment is transformed into a modern, clean living space with the use of easy lines and a neutral color palette. simply gorgeous!

oh my much ceiling detail! wow!!

hungry for some beautiful restaurant design? the gilles & boissier aesthetic continues at café de l’homme. once again, clean, structural lines are the major overlying design element but they are softened the thoughtful use of curved backed chairs and uniquely designed flooring.

great interiors with a stunning exterior view? yes, please!

here, the team at gilles & boissier masterfully mix old world design elements set against decidedly modern material. rosé tinted back painted wall panels? um, yes!

i'm not what you'd call a "pink person" but to be able to dine in this pretty in pink dining room might just convert me.
beautiful all of the right places!

feeling the travel bug? need a place to hang your hat? check out this gorgeous hotel by gilles & boissier … i just love that rich bleu color, the clean lines, and the soft luxurious curves.

love that curve on the bed frame ...

i wish you all a wonderful thanksgiving! i’ll leave you with this stunning rooftop view from cafe de l’homme — talk about wow!

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