here we are at the third and final installment of the pied-à-terre renovation recap! (if you missed the first two please be sure the check them out – part i and part ii)

for this last recap i wanted to pull back the curtain and go behind the scenes of the bathroom transformation.

before: the bathroom had a lower ceiling height than the rest of the apartment and could not be raised. additionally, we didn't have the ability to move walls to enlarge the bathroom in any direction.
demo! the entire bathroom was demoed down to the concrete and framing.
a new shower curb takes the place of where the tub once stood.

our clients wanted a large walk-in shower in lieu of a tub and we wanted to keep the bathroom as open and light as possible. to that point we used a 6″ x 12″ white stone tile and installed them in an off-set pattern to help create a wide visual illusion.

finishing up all of the wall tiles and prepping the center wall of the shower for a feature mosaic inset!
we kept all of the stone material in the same family but changed up the pattern. on the floor of the bathroom we used a herringbone pattern - again to elongate the space - and on the shower floor we used a mini-herringbone mosaic.
to add drama and depth we selected a beautiful modern floral mosaic to be used on the main shower wall. the mosaic inset was framed with a beautiful concave bronze metal banding. to ensure that this feature wall was not hidden from view, a solid 30" wide sheet of glass would be installed from the curb to ceiling to keep the space feeling open and bright. and we chose not to add a shower door to continue the light and airy feeling.
Dressing room located conveniently off of the bath in a NYC apartment
Walk-in shower with a marble field tile, floral pattern for the inset and an open pedestal sink

as this pied-à-terre was not our client’s main residence and storage was not of a concern, we opted for a classically designed pedestal sink. and in keeping with the classic and pre-war detailing of this space we selected exposed shower fittings which looked like gorgeous jewels suspended from the walls of the shower.

it’s true what they say…..bathroom renovations can be one of the dirtiest and most pricey parts of a renovation, but when done right they are so worth it in the end!!

are you thinking of doing a bathroom renovation? what design style and decorative elements would you choose? we’d love to hear from you!


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