feast your senses upon this highly anticipated gem, nestled within an iconic richard meier building, where breathtaking city and hudson river views take center stage. approachable elegance, ultimate comfort, and enduring craftsmanship create a trifecta of pied-à-terre perfection.

our clients, david and emily (names changed), a semi-retired couple with a vision. they had been waiting in eager anticipation for a home-away-from-home that would effortlessly welcome them during their city escapades. and now, their dream has become a reality…

project scope & challenges

driven by david and emily’s unique vision and the distinctive layout of their space, this project posed intriguing design possibilities. with expansive windows and minimal wall space, our main task was to create a furniture layout that integrated seamlessly with the surroundings. our goals included:

  • thoughtfully preserving the panoramic view
  • infusing an approachable and soothing color palette for a welcoming ambiance
  • full gut renovation of the primary bathroom

while this project presented its own set of unique challenges, our unwavering commitment to innovation ensured a smooth journey towards extraordinary results.

so, won’t you pour yourself a glass and step inside?

warm and inviting living area with a sweeping view

just beyond the door of this remarkable pied-à-terre, an immersive experience awaits. the sleek and crisp white backdrop serves as the perfect canvas for captivating city views that steal the spotlight. furnishings in a carefully curated color palette of slate blues, soothing greys, and a vibrant mustard infuses the space with an inviting and cheerful ambiance.

not only that, but this exquisite sanctuary is equipped with all-new motorized shades and a cutting-edge av system. with a simple touch, david and emily have complete control over the mood, effortlessly adjusting the lighting, music, and even the shades to suit their desires. convenience and luxury right at their fingertips. win win!

and when the demands of work call from time to time…

a thoughtfully designed work area within the open-concept layout creates a sense of separation and focus. using the pillar as our guide, we strategically grounded this space with an area rug and layered furnishings to artfully craft a distinct zone. with the captivating view across the hudson, checking in on office tasks is less of a chore and more of an elevated experience.

just a few steps away from this inviting living area, a world of sophisticated dining awaits…

sleek and sophisticated dining and kitchen design

a sleek table with clean lines generously accommodates seating for up to 6 guests, making it the perfect setting for emily and david to entertain their friends and family. floor-to-ceiling windows bathe the space in natural light and offer stunning views of the surrounding beauty, ensuring the dining area is a haven of tranquility and inspiration. but it doesn’t stop there.

the crowning jewel above the table is a remarkable piece from the esteemed collection of lindsey adelman. it effortlessly sprawls, fitting the dining space with an artistic grace that commands admiration. adorned with a vintage brass finish and smoky grey glass globes, it exudes a healthy dose of unexpected elegance. what truly sets this chandelier apart is the artistic touch of a brooklyn-based glassblower. each hand-blown glass globe bears natural imperfections, celebrating both refinement and authenticity.

as we journey further into the heart of this pied-à-terre, you’ll reach one of my favorite areas…

a cozy nook awaits with inviting rounded swivel chairs where comfort is the order of the day. this is the perfect spot to savor that first sip of morning coffee or indulge in a delightful evening cocktail. manhattan, anyone?

the fully equipped kitchen caters perfectly to emily and david’s needs. compact yet mighty, it exudes a sleek industrial charm with its flawless finishes. the pristine countertops invite culinary creativity, while the slate upholstered barstools beckon guests to pull up a seat at the bar. don’t mind if i do.

peaceful and serene bedroom suites

welcome to the realm of blissful slumber. building upon the soothing grey color palette, we crafted two bedrooms that exude tranquility and calmness. in true dhny style, simplicity reigns with clean lines, serene hues, and captivating textures.

in the primary bedroom, a thoughtfully designed nook houses a white dresser with subtle wood texture, complemented by a sculptural, metal-layered framed mirror above. in the secondary bedroom, a stunning concrete accent wall and neutral bedding provides a relaxing backdrop, while every element seamlessly harmonizes to create a dreamy sanctuary perfect for catching those restful zzz’s.

pssst…i have a secret: both bedrooms feature custom beds with hidden pull-out storage. i can’t think of a better way to seamlessly merge function and form, can you?

while our expertise extended throughout the entire condo, it was the primary bathroom that received a complete renovation. we installed pristine white square tiling spanning from floor to ceiling to illuminate the space with an aura of openness.

a custom-designed vanity steals the spotlight with chic brass accents that mirror the faucet. contemporary wall sconces provide the final touch, casting a warm and luxurious glow for a beautiful fresh start or peaceful ending to their day. all the trappings have been meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of centeredness and soul-soothing indulgence. ahhh…

the verdict

brimming with exquisite style, exceptional coziness, and unparalleled refinement, it would be an understatement to say that emily and david are thrilled with their newly fabulously nyc pied-à-terre. in fact, they had this to share:

“darci hether blew us away! when we had to completely furnish and decorate our nyc condo, we turned to darci based on a trusted friend’s recommendation. safe to say, she exceeded our expectations. from fully renovating our bathroom to selecting all lighting and furnishings, darci’s expertise, creativity, and talent were invaluable. there is absolutely no way we could have done this without her. thank you for enriching our lives!”

inspired by this home transformation? yours could be next. let’s chat about how you can experience an impactful space that enhances and elevates your lifestyle.

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photography by will ellis photography