Red Color trend of the year 2018 – Blog by Darci Hether New York

have you heard the news? benjamin moore recently made their 2018 color trend of the year prediction and the color is (drum roll please……) caliente! hum.

if you were to do a quick google search on the psychology of the color red you would find a pretty mixed bag of positive and negative associations – war and danger (no, thank you!) to passion and enhanced metabolism (yes, please!!) – but it is a color that, as the saying goes,  a little can go a long way.

red is not a color that i use very much except (as anyone who knows me knows!) to paint my lips. but, when done right, i think it can make quite the perfect statement.

[my client’s incredible collection of artwork brought just the right pop of red to this chic and sumptuous guest bedroom. as for my choice of the perfect shade of red lipstick – one can never go wrong with mac’s ruby woo!]

[do you get the sense that i only like using red in drips and drabs? you would not be mistaken!]

pow! how's that for a pop of red?

[my client and i selected this chair not only because it created a fun, dramatic moment in his otherwise moody and masculine bedroom but because it would be a focal point when walking into his apartment as this corner of the room could be scene from the front door.]

so, is the predicted color of the year hot, hot hot – as it’s name suggests – or not, not, not? how would you use it in your own home? do tell!

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