accent wall in chevron off-white marble tile
melanie turner


tile is one of my favorite parts of a renovation and there are so many tile trends to choose from! picking the right tile for the space can set the mood, add a level of chic, and bring in some stunning—and soothing—visual interest. i can’t get enough of tile, and neither can my instagram followers! details matter, and tile details matter most of all!

i’ve written a lot about bathroom renovations recently, and the right tile choices can really make or break the room. check out my tribeca bathroom that has gone viral, the ugliest bathrooms of my career, and this pied-a-terre renovation recap.

so with that in mind, here are some tile trends i’m just dying to see in 2018!


metallic tile accents


oh my goodness… these marble tiles with metallic accents are blowing my mind. don’t you just love how it catches the light?


i seriously can’t get enough… and there are so many ways to get this look! some the these tiles have it built in, or you can use metallic grout or inlay brass strips! the possibilities are endless—and endlessly chic!


geometric tile surprises

these tile walls will surprise you in a whole different way. tile is all about lines and shapes, and how you put it together makes all the difference.



slight color variation, or turning a traditional herringbone sideways, can create so much surprising visual interest, but what really makes these patterns sing is what surrounds them. these rooms are all incredibly simple and clean, with clean lines, minimalist fixtures, and muted neutral tones. the tiles provide the texture, and everything else is like a breath of fresh air.


when geometry is your focus, don’t forget the grout color—it makes the shapes really pop! look at the white grout in the chevron on the left, or the light grey grout in the more unusual pattern on the right. without the grey grout, you’d never see all those interesting lines. and don’t forget: metallic grout exists… oooh the possibilities…

but be careful: when there are so many possibilities, it can be hard to pick your focal point. to take advantage of these trends, keep the rest of your kitchen or bathroom simple and serene, and let your tile do the heavy lifting. keep it minimalist and tailored, with clean lines, and architecturally sophisticated hardware and fixtures. let your tile shine!

are you feeling inspired? i know i am!


cheers ~ darci