steel and glass french doors with herringbone wood flooring

in the works… contemporary hamptons home

steel and glass french doors with herringbone wood flooring

thanks to the long memorial holiday weekend, the unofficial start of summer, has everyone (at least me!) thinking about relaxing on warm summer days.  i am dreaming of copious amounts of delicious rosé wine, and planning my weekend escape to the hamptons.

here at the office, delicious thoughts of the hamptons are associated with grueling hard work.  however, we are swooning over them nonetheless!

i am working with a returning client to create a stunning, contemporary hamptons home that is cozy and intimate.  my client wants a home perfect for hosting small family gatherings, fun weekend getaways, and chic pool parties.

during our early conceptual meetings, my client and i were immediately on the same page. we batted around ideas and found ourselves using phrases like “light and airy open spaces” with "focal point windows and architectural finishes.”  The light and airy wouldn't mean stark but instead “welcoming yet show-stopping,” and “livable luxe.” we talked a lot about the finishes and how we wanted those elements to shine as a common thread throughout the entire house. one of the elements we were initially drawn to was blackened steel metal-framed windows.

after a quick trip down the pinterest rabbit hole, i was well on my way creating the design concept boards for our jumping off point in the design process.


airy kitchen by hecker guthrie - grey marble - glass and steel
hecker guthrie
stunning marble backsplash by Handelsmann and Khaw
handelsmann & khaw

the heart of every home is the kitchen so i really wanted to bring the love to my clients' culinary oasis hamptons getaway!  i'm obsessed with the idea of a metal and glass wall that separates the kitchen from the other areas of the house. gorgeous detailing and an element of interest? yes, please!!  i love the added metal accent to the kitchen island and the decorative yet practical overhead lighting.


stunning glass, steel, and wood staircases perfect for the hamptons - darci hether new york
left: vlassak verhulst, center: amber interiors, right: source unknown

if the kitchen is the heart of the home, the stairs are its veins and arteries.  i love how those same metal details define these airy contemporary stairways. it's all about light and contrast!


hamptons black and white bathrooms - darci hether new york
left: vila 133 arquitetura, right: flack studio
hamptons black and white bathrooms
left: clare kennedy & mitzi maynard, right: canny

no modern hamptons home would be complete without a contemporary, airy bathroom! the metal framing details carry through on the shower enclosure and mirrors. i am partial to those black faucets and light wood accents?  the white and light greys are the perfect backdrop for these stark details and i can't get enough.

contemporary hamptons front door
stephanie michel-girard

i can't wait until my client opens the front door for the final reveal! (and speaking of front doors... i love this contemporary entry, don't you?)

do you need assistance creating your perfect beach house getaway? i’m here to help! we’d love to hear from you. until then, happy summer and keep sipping that rosé!

cheers ~ darci


akdo tile wall - tile trends 2018 - white metallic inlay tile - darci hether new york

in the details... akdo tile love

akdo tile wall - tile trends 2018 - white metallic inlay tile - darci hether new york
akdo tile

i’ve fallen down the tile rabbit hole once again! we’ve been busy in the office working on a couple of new nyc and hamptons projects.  most of our time has been devoted to selecting architectural materials.  i’ve been going gaga over some real beauties i found on a recent sourcing excursion. i blogged earlier this year about my favorite tile trends of 2018, but one vendor that has me weak in the knees these days is akdo. their collection is inventive and exquisite, using updated designs on classic styles, all in a stunning neutral color palette...

when i went to their nyc showroom a few weeks ago, i couldn't resist taking a lot of photos for my instagram. how could anyone resist with all this eye candy??


everything i looked at was so beautiful and elevated, and oh so contemporary!

walking into their showroom is like a breath of fresh air. akdo’s base materials are all very classic—stones like carrara and calacatta.  however, the way they showcase everything brings new life to an otherwise common material. all their tile patterns feel so elevated and chic.

take these beautiful metallic accents, for instance. tile with metal accents is nothing new, but it's definitely trending right now! these would be absolutely stunning in a mixed metal kitchen or bathroom, or help define a dramatic bar.

akdo tile with metal inlay - it's all in the details! - darci hether new york

akdo metallic inlay white marble tile with silver triangles

akdo white marble tile with metallic inlay patterns

i love these gorgeous contemporary geometric patterns in their metallic inlay tile. they're so chic and modern! these are all very traditional cuts of marble, but with a very fresh interpretation. yet, somehow, they still feel timeless.

and if that's not enough, take a look at these stunning mosaics.

akdo white mosaic tile - tile trends - darci hether new york

akdo mosaic tile with a metallic inlay - darci hether new york - tile trends

i love the updated art deco influences on this mosaic tile, and the tiny metallic accents are like jewelry. they glitter and shimmer as you move around the room. it's like the great gatsby jumped straight into the 21st century and onto a jaw-dropping bathroom wall... be still my heart!

akdo glass tile - dove grey - tile trends - darci hether new york

if you've been reading my blog or know me at all... you know i love grey. and i adore this grey glass tile, too. the narrow herringbone is so chic and stylish.  i love this elongated subway tile backsplash. (the cocktails certainly help sell it, too...)

tile trend - textile glass - skinny glass tile - darci hether new york

akdo calls this their "textile glass" line and ... wow. the skinny strips of glass give so much rich texture. the light reflects in a way that makes the room feel like it's humming in serenity. this look reminds me of luxurious spas and puts me in the mood for a massage.

akdo tile is doing a fantastic job of maintaining a cohesive and refined aesthetic. everything feels fresh and elegant when you walk into the showroom, and they're not trying to be everything to everyone. they have a clear style: you either love it or it's not for you. as for me, i love it!

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what do you think? do you love all of the gorgeous details found in akdo tiles? if you’re looking to renovate your bathroom or kitchen and are loving on these tiles as much as i am let me know!


cheers ~ darci


built in wet bar with dark tile - upper west side - darci hether new york

cocktail crush... contemporary home bars

built in wet bar with dark tile - upper west side - darci hether new york

anybody who knows me knows i loooooooove a good cocktail, and it got me thinking about what makes a home bar an entertaining essential.

to me, there are few things more impressive than mixing your guests the perfect drink. i've featured this upper west side pied-à-terre bar before (check out the renovation recap), and whenever i look at this image it reminds me how frantic it is to have a glamorous, stylish place to mix ones favorite concoction!

last week, i blogged about using restaurant design as inspiration for your dining room. this week i'm all about the bars!

the bars of my dreams

bars in brass and grey with stunning details - darci hether new york
left: terre - alicante, spain. right: herzog bar - munich, germany

i love finding my inspiration from visiting gorgeous, swoon-worthy commercial interiors. these bars epitomize bold elegance with the dark greys, brass, and high drama. they're not home bars—nor should they be—but that doesn't mean your home bar can't make the same kind of statement.

the wet bar

a classic wet bar is truly a wonderful thing. it's versatile, elegant, and fantastic for entertaining.

dark grey and brass wet bars - darci hether new york
left: wilson fuqua & theresa rowe. right: unknown

i love the grey cabinets and brass hardware in both of these home wet bars. the contrast amps up the drama... and oh how i love some visual drama!

hide-away built-ins

built in bars in dark brown and grey-blue
left: juma architects. right: chango & co.

i love creating custom built-in hide-away bars for my new york city clients. in new york apartments, where space is at a premium, a hideaway bar helps define a sophisticated, elegant space without the dedicated square footage. with a hidden bar, you can keep it visually out of sight when not in use, or show off to your guests with your bespoke bar and a craft cocktail.

do you want all the joy of a home bar but be able to hide it away from your guests when not in use? these options are for you!

statement tile

statement tile backsplash for a home bar
left: ali budd interiors. center: unknown. right: raili clasen & eric olsen.

i love using stunning statement tiles, and these tiled backsplashes certainly don't disappoint! if you want your bar to really pop, a bold tile backsplash can make a really big statement. depending on the tile you use, it makes an entirely different statement. the black tile against the brass shelves would be a perfect look to complete a masculine bar for a refined bachelor. and the bar on the right is ideal for the hamptons!

bar carts

bar cart decor, accessories, & styling
left: joanna lavén. center: unknown. right: kayla seah - not your standard

if your space doesn't allow for a wet bar or an elegant built-in, that doesn't mean you can't have something beautiful for your entertaining pleasure. a curated, stylized, classic bar cart is sure to impress! bar carts can be a great way to give the feel of a bespoke bar, but they have a small footprint ideal for new york city apartments and they can roll away. they can still make a beautiful statement depending on how they're styled! pay attention to the bottles and bar accessories you choose to display, since they will be very visible.

stocking your bar

stocking a home bar doesn't have to be tricky. i like to keep it simple. while it's nice to have most of the basics, you can still keep it minimal. i like to be able to whip up a "house specialty" cocktail or two at a moments notice. if you have the ingredients on hand for a select number of delicious cocktails, you don't have to have a "fully stocked" bar.

my personal go-to is a manhattan.

a classic manhattan - NYTimes cooking











nytimes manhattan recipe

can't decide on a signature recipe? check out this book:

i love this book for a comprehensive list of cocktail recipes










the essential cocktail: the art of mixing perfect drinks

get the look

if you're ready to let your home bar make a statement, here are my recommendations!

get the look - contemporary bar - darci hether new york





















a. matte gold shaker // b. cocktail picks // c. coasters // d. cocktail book "the essential cocktail" // e. bar cart // f. travel cutting board // g. mixers // h. glassware // i. whiskey stones


and as a bonus: anything on this list is the perfect gift for any cocktail-loving person in your life! (hint hint)

cheers ~ darci


mixed metal luxe transitional sitting room

mixed metals... in the living room

mixed metal luxe transitional sitting room

mixed metals are trending right now, but i didn’t need to read about it in elledecor to know it to be true to me - trend or no trend! i'm no stranger to mixing metals. i've been doing this for my clients for years. mixing metals creates a sophisticated and nuanced space, and mixing metals with curated items can give your living room so much depth!

this is part two of my series on mixed metals. check out last week's post about mixed metals in the kitchen for my advice on kitchen renovations and small ways to take your kitchen to the next level!

luxe mixed metal sitting room

this fifth ave living room is as chic as they come. my clients wanted a light, luxurious space to relax and entertain in but also a space that had depth and intrigue. to really take the chicness level up a notch or two i paired polished brass light fixtures with silver metallic and mirrored accents with the otherwise neutral upholstery pieces.

when you're designing a living room, your metallic options can come in so many forms: light fixtures, furniture legs, accent tables, artwork, and decorative accents. like with kitchens, doing this look well is all about building relationships. in the central park west living room we designed below, i kept both the table lamp and wall sconces in chrome, then carefully layered in matte brass and hammered matte satin nickel accents.

central park west luxe living room fur molding

like i said in my post about kitchens, hardware on your built-ins or furniture pieces can be like jewelry. living rooms have many more options for jewelry, so building layers and relationships is even more important. in this central park west apartment, i married the textiles tones to the metal finishes opting for more subtle pairing. when i was designing this space, the lady of the home and i decided that “champagne and platinum” best described her desired design direction and i really think this room encapsulated those words perfectly!

want some more inspiration? here are some of my favorite mixed metal living rooms.

mixed metal accents in the living room
left: stylecarrot. right: alaina kaczmarski

i adore that dramatic brass light fixture in the room on the left. the mirror finish is absolutely stunning, and is a beautiful foil to the chrome chair and table legs. on the right, i love the two different metals on the tray and hurricane candle holder. it's so subtle but shows just how little you really need to do to get this sophisticated look.


mixed metal accents in the living room
left: pepe leal. right: susan & ben work

the antique mirrors in both of these rooms add so much light, and are such an interesting contrast to the gold and brass mixed metal accents. and how about that dramatic pendant light pictured in the room on the left? love!!

are you looking to add some mixed metal accents to your living room? here are my darci hether approved options:

mixed metal living room shopping guide

a. shagreen and brass tray // b. sculpture // c. table lamp // d. copper coasters // e. platner coffee table // f. vase // g. bronze bowl // h. table lamp // i. copper and enamel vases


happy mixing!

cheers ~ darci


bridgehampton kitchen and breakfast nook

mixed metals... in the kitchen

bridgehampton kitchen and breakfast nook

mixed metals may be one of the top design trends of 2018, but it is something that i've loved doing for my clients for some time now. mixing metals, when done with care and attention to detail, can add a layer of chic sophistication to a space. here are my tips for creating an elegant mixed metal kitchen!

i've used this strategy often. here are two kitchens i designed with mixed metal finishes.

contemporary kitchen with mixed metals

for this gut renovation tribeca kitchen, all the appliances were in stainless steel but i paired them with polished chrome faucets, polished chrome glass cabinets, and an eye catching blackened steel pendant light fixture. looking to learn more about this kitchen? ... head on over to my blog post about this fantastic renovation.

and for this hamptons kitchen, i used unlacquered brass hardware on the grey cabinetry to make it pop, in contrast to the antique brass detail on the light fixture, classic stainless steel appliances, and the oil-rubbed bronze faucet at the kitchen window.

bridgehampton kitchen

bridgehampton kitchen with brass hardware

how do you get this look without it looking like an eclectic mish-mosh of ideas? well, with kitchens there are a few things you know right away: your stove and sink are likely either stainless steel or white. from there, it's all about building relationships.

look at my hamptons kitchen and you'll start to see the pattern. the stainless stove ties in with the other appliances, the hood, the clock, the stainless sink and faucets. the brass hardware is uniform and ties in with the light fixtures and shelves. the black oil-rubbed faucet ties in with the schoolhouse light, black accents, and the hardware throughout the house.

bridgehampton kitchen mixed metals infographic

i like to think of hardware like jewelry. if your kitchen is a little black dress, your jewelry is what makes the outfit. with a classic silhouette, the choice between a simple strand of pearls versus a glamorous statement necklace creates a totally different look. a more old-fashioned black or silver drawer pull in this kitchen would make it a completely different space. the hardware is your opportunity to show your personality! it's functional and beautiful at the same time.

here are some more of my favorite kitchens that make excellent use of mixed metal finishes. grab a glass of wine and get ready to drool over these swoonworthy kitchens!

mixed metal kitchens
left: suzann kletzien. right: schneiderman's


white marble kitchen with mixed metal accents
studio mcgee

i love how these light fixtures tie in with the brass hardware. and the polished steel accents on the stove hood give it so much life!

contemporary mixed metal kitchens
left: source unknown. right: all things wonderful


left: laurie joilet. right: chase & stephenie watts

dying to get this look? here are my suggestions for some mixed metal pieces to chic up your kitchen.

mixed metal kitchen shopping lista. spenser stool // b. globe pendant // c. wire basket // d. mixed metal flatware // e. hardware // f. hex bar stool // g. trinsic faucet // h. schoolhouse pendant // i. brass & enamel bowls

and don't forget to use our Houzz code for 5% off! 4508A

want more mixed metals? tune back in next week for my favorite mixed metal living rooms!

cheers ~ darci


monday musings... satin brass

i have this love affair with metal. not any particular type or finish (although i do have my favorites) but more specifically when it is used as a thoughtful accent, detail, form or design.

image via pinterest

while i know that satin brass (or brushed brass) seems to be all the rage these days i can’t say that it’s a trend i wish would go away. on the contrary! i love the warmth it gives, the touch of glamour and modernity and of course, the swoon-worthy contrast it can provide.

image via pinterest

satin brass has more of a matte finish, yet offers the perfect balance of glitz and refinement. when done properly you will notice it the minute you walk into a space and for all the right reasons: it provides a beautifully unique contrast and plays nicely against any background color.

link pendant, beautiful contrasting details via pinterest, swooning over this hardware

i mean, how gorgeous is the link pendant pictured above? the details of the “chain” is beyond stunning….it’s jewelry that also happens to light up a space! and the thoughtful design of the shelving brackets?!? when i saw these firsthand at this year’s icff i literally think i stopped breathing for about a minute. purely exquisite!

when i grow up i'd like my closet to look just like this! image via pinterest

how about you? are you ready to add a touch of glamour and interest to your space with some satin brass accents??


Update 4/12/2018: want to read more about how to add stunning metal accents to your space? Check out my more recent posts about mixed metals in the kitchen & living room, and learn more about metal accents in some of my top favorite tile trends!

image via kelly wearstler