NYC dining area with custom made multi-bubble chandelier, banquette seating and bistro tables

let me start by saying that this is not a sponsored post! there, now that we’ve cleared the air on that potential thought, i feel i am now able to speak (type?) freely of my love of all things holly hunt. while this topic could go off in many different directions regarding said love, for today let’s just focus on their incredible outdoor fabrics! but before we delve into that subject matter let’s just rewind a bit and revisit what outdoor fabrics used to be considered: tacky, uncomfortable, plastic-like, not stylish….basically in a word – hideous – and only to be considered for use as a necessity for poolside furniture.

thankfully that is no longer the case! and we all have the holly hunt great outdoors fabric collection to thank in large part for that! while there are many other textile companies that create beautiful outdoor fabrics, i find that the gorgeous textures, patterns, weaves and color palettes that holly hunt produces are some of the most chic and modern in the marketplace.

custom banquette we upholstered in lakeshore by holly hunt

because the feel (or hand), wear and comfort of their outdoor fabrics is so luxurious yet durable, we’ve been able to confidently design and present light and bright furnishings to our clients.

custom sofa upholstered in lindor, custom kitchen banquette upholstered in sandcastle

do you dream of lounging on a white sofa while enjoying your favorite red wine but fear that your accident prone significant other or clumsy cocktail guest (because we know that you would never spill) will quickly turn that glorious thought into a cleaning nightmare? do you worry that a luminous color story made up of light and bright fabrics won’t allow you to “live” in your living room? do you still hold on to that old way of thinking that one’s dining chairs should either be made of wood or faux leather because they are the only finishes that can be wiped clean? well, fear and worry no more!…holly’s got you covered!

the great outdoors fabrics are created using 100% solution dyed fibers which are then spun into the yarns that make up their stunning outdoor fabric collection. due to the 100% solution dyed acrylic fiber base, the fabrics that are then created are sun, wear and tear, and even bleach(!) impervious! so, pour that glass of red with confidence! invite over your klutz of a neighbor! live on the light side! you will love how these fabrics stand up to whatever life throws your way.

a few of our favorite patterns and weaves: astrick, iron horse, and scribe
the best whites: country estate in silver cloud, country estate in off white, and sand drift in oyster

so, what do you say? are you ready to take the worry-free plunge?

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