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have you noticed what feels like a mass exodus from nyc to the suburbs? we’re seeing clients move to westchester, westport, the hamptons and beyond.

it makes sense. our on-the-go, city lifestyles have come to a screeching halt. and while our various obligations might not have changed, having your whole household around 24/7, well… it’s likely that your chic downtown flat isn’t serving you as well anymore. 

luckily, leaving the city doesn’t mean leaving sophistication and style behind. suburban life can (and should) still support an elevated style that brings you all the luxury and comfort you’ve come to expect and love. 

case in point: we just started renovating our clients’ 3-story westchester home last month and have received several other inquiries to do the same. we’re planning amenities and features that will turn what was once their weekend retreat into their primary residence, one that will rival their nyc pad. 

which, of course, feels like the perfect opportunity to show you your suburban home’s true potential. below, i’m sharing 5 ways that we’re bringing elevated, city-chic style into everyday life in the ‘burbs.

1. open up and elevate your living spaces

i know this seems like a fairly vague recommendation (more specific ones to follow), but it’s rare that we see a suburban home renovation that doesn’t involve opening up living spaces. and even if your nyc flat isn’t overly spacious, there’s something very chic about high-ceilinged, elegantly expansive living areas.

who doesn’t want lighter, brighter, and more social spaces in which to mingle and enjoy each other’s company? or (dare i be optimistic) to entertain guests? it’s also worth mentioning that closed-off, dark spaces do not a happy person make. in a time where our well-being is as emotional as it is physical, having expansive spaces is critical to feeling in control and unfettered. 

for our westchester clients in particular, the kitchen is getting a full gut, a modern update, and we’re removing a wall to open the space to the living and dining rooms. not to mention the option of adding other amenities: a wine fridge (obviously essential), updated appliances, and an island for storage and extra seating.

so, what do your spaces look like? is your kitchen secluded from your living area? if you were living there permanently, would you appreciate more natural light and room for free movement? if so, talk to us about options to open the space up and elevate your home from “nice” to a sumptuous retreat.

darci hether new york westchester hamptons interior design firm living room dining room city chic

2. create a stunning and productive office

i know without a shadow of a doubt that our westchester clients are not alone in needing an updated home office. working from home is becoming the new normal, and even companies like google and amazon have office return dates planned for early to mid 2021. (we’re in it for the long hall, my friends.)

our westchester clients’ home office is getting upgraded with more functional work spaces, ample storage and both dramatic and task lighting. and don’t forget, they’ll be getting upgraded decor in a style worthy of the execs that they are (gotta look sharp leading those zoom calls, right?). 

funny enough, we’re also renovating the home office in these same clients’ nyc apartment. they thought, since it’s currently empty and hasn’t seen any designer love in the 12 years since we last worked on it, why not take advantage? couldn’t agree more.

what does your home office need to be functional, supportive, and totally chic? to fit with your workflow and elevate the everyday?

darci hether home office design westchester hamptons chic

3. make your home gym irresistible

last year, i shared this advice for creating an at-home gym. as a business owner and mom, it was simply convenient to have a fitness center in the house that i could use whenever i found made a spare moment. 

now, an at-home gym is less of a luxury and more of a necessity. it’s a way to prioritize your health. boost your mood with endorphins. tone that bod. and of course, balance out all those cocktails… guilty. 😉

but you don’t just want an empty room where your peloton lives… you want a space that inspires you to kick it into high gear and have a space that actually excites you (hello, sonos speakers) or relaxes you with a great view. 

whatever you need to actually enjoy your fitness routine…. let’s do it. it will truly change how well you live at home.

home gym darci hether new york peloton

source: peloton


4. level up your home bar or lounge

ok, i’ll be honest with you… i wasn’t originally going to include a home bar on my list. in fact, our westchester clients were more adamant about increasing storage space with a mudroom and two walk-in closets than adding a bar… but come on… you know me, how could i leave an in-home bar off this list?? 

i think we have all been enjoying at-home cocktails more than usual these days, and there’s something about an in-home bar that reminds us of our favorite city-chic watering hole we used to enjoy. don’t you think?

so how can you design a home bar or lounge that whisks you back to memories of the nyc nightlife you used to love? well, together, let’s look at your favorite cocktail lounges for inspiration… what were the colors in the space? (moody hues, bright ones?) the materials? (velvet, leather, woods or bright metals?) what was the overall vibe? (sexy, social, intimate?)

this can help us decide what you want in your own home bar, whether it’s a full lounge, a built-in within another room, or a well-stocked and styled bar cart. i do have some home bar styling tips for you here, but if it’s a feature you’re ready to add to your suburban home, dhny has your back!

darci hether new york westchester hamptons in-home bar area interior design flower wall mural

now imagine this space with the lights dimmed… 😉

5. embrace style you genuinely love

a home that elevates your life and supports you doesn’t just offer physical comfort. it’s also visually and emotionally uplifting. yes, i’m talking about style…

quality furnishings that look beautiful and well-crafted. window treatments that add elegance and luxury. decor and a color palette that reflect your personality and your passions. (example: the art gallery entryway from our 5th ave bachelor pad.)

in other words, a home that reflects your style and stimulates your senses is one that keeps you happy, entertained, and not missing your other place for a new york minute. not sure of your aesthetic preferences? don’t worry, we’ll explore them together and transform your interests and tastes into a luxurious design that comforts and delights you every single day. who knew your suburban home could do that? oh, it can. 😉

elegant luxury bathroom design renovation darci hether new york

if this was your suburban master suite, i don’t think you would miss your nyc pad!

so, what does your 2nd home need to become your main residence? what would make it feel indulgent, chic, and elevated? give it some thought, and when you’re ready for the magic to happen, let’s talk.



all photography by the amazing emily gilbert photography